As the old saying goes: "If you want something done right, you do it yourself."  While that may be a good idea with some projects, there is one particular DIY project that could land you in hot water... if you're not careful.

People do it all the time but it can be destructive

Stormwater can be a serious threat to the clean water that all of us Boise residents use. According to the City of Boise, stormwater that doesn't seep into the ground will travel "across lawns, parking lots, gardens, roofs, and roadways." That means the stormwater will "pick up pollution like trash, gasoline, motor oil, fertilizer or pesticides, and bacteria from pet waste. The polluted water, or runoff, can enter a storm drain, flow untreated to the Boise River and impact the river's condition."

In other words, if you're not paying attention to the chemicals that you're using when washing your car and those chemicals wind up in the storm drain, you could find yourself in some trouble... if you're reported. According to the City of Boise:

Dumping substances into the storm drain is against the law. If you see someone dumping a substance down a storm drain, get as much information as possible. Location, time of incident, and any identifying characteristics of the vehicle or company involved (if applicable) so the problem can be responded to effectively.

Could you technically wash your car in your driveway and get away with it? Sure. But, you've been warned - someone might be watching and not realize what chemicals you are (or aren't) using. If reported, that could lead to a bigger headache than having a dirty car. We contacted the City of Boise to see what the actual punishment was but are still awaiting a response. Judging from amazing the people who work for the City of Boise, we're assuming (until we get a response) that you could expect a warning and/or fine.

If it's jailtime, you know we'll let you know!

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