Ivan Vazquez is a senior at Capital High School and he got some pretty incredible news yesterday.

He applied early to Harvard and got in. Then, got into Yale, then Princeton. He couldn’t believe it! It's hard enough as it is to get into ONE Ivy League School...Ivan was accepted to all EIGHT Ivy League schools!

When he was in 6th grade, his older brother applied to Brown and got in. Ever since then, he’s been inspired and maybe a little competitive to see what he could accomplish. That will definitely light a fire under you if you're competitive!

His advice to other students…he encourages students to get involved in their school. Colleges love to see that you're getting involved, no matter what it is.

Ivan hasn’t decided which school he will choose yet, but I'm sure he will choose the right one for him. I can't even imagine what that feels like for him and his family! They have to be so very proud!

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