As an animal lover hearing stories like this help you put a big smile on your face. Nampa citizen Kimberly Coonis is doing everything possible to take care of elderly or ill dogs that have no place else to go.

This wonderful story was first reported by KIVI, it all started because Kimberly was working with elderly people and her patient's could no longer take care of their four-legged family members. Often times those pets were taken to shelters but some were euthanized because they were older or dealing with health issues.

That's why Kimberly and the whole Coonis family started Furever Haus. They accept all elderly or ill dogs with the help of donors to take care of their basic and sometimes special medical needs.

These dogs are already going through such a tough time as they lose that connection to the person that had been taking care of them. It's tremendous that we have something like Furever Haus in our area to help these dogs live their best life until the end.

If you feel like making a donation to keep these animals taken care of, click here. 100% of all donations will be used to care for these animals.

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