I own it.  I'm cheap.  I like to get the most out of anything I buy, and food is no exception.  Not to mention, often cooking for one, I'm bullish on leftovers.  Except, not everything works. 

I'm beginning to accept that there are just some foods that, try as we might, make lame leftovers.

Take my leftover Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse.  An incredibly delicacy when one is at the restaurant, but somehow between the car ride, the overnight stay in the fridge, and the attempt to microwave it back to life, the magic fizzles.  I've tried a few times, changing the power, wrapping it in paper towel, going unwrapped, and it just doesn't work.

Another undeniable favorite is the salad from Olive Garden.  So fresh, so zesty, so amazing...until you get it home...and no matter how you store it, it just doesn't come back to life.

I'm also doomed on steaks.  I like my steak rare, so at the restaurant, it's perfect.  Take it home, and unless I can microwave on power level one for 17 minutes, it's just going to be overcooked, no matter what I do.

Now, there are plenty of things that do make incredible leftovers and I'm grateful for the second round at some amazing meals, but it made me wonder what you would add to the Lame Leftover List.

What are those foods that just shouldn't be given a second round?


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