One of the repercussions of creating a huge feast is having an enormous amount of leftovers.  You might be bound and determined to eat and eat until you're sick, but even then you and your family might have a little green bean casserole to spare.

So we don't feel totally guilty about our gluttony, here are some unique and productive ideas about what to do with all the leftovers.  

It turns out, leftovers can be donated if we put a little effort into it.  Food pantries can't take the leftovers because they specialize in non-perishables, but other places and agencies around the Treasure Valley might see the leftovers as a welcome treat.

What about the folks working right through the holiday?  Dropping off some turkey and stuffing at the fire station is a unique way to honor firefighters, and you can be pretty sure no one else will think of it. The experts advise that we call first to see if they want it, because they might think we're weird if we just show up with a bunch of food. But firefighters might appreciate the gesture, and so might EMS workers, and other folks who have to work right through the weekend like police officers, and employees at animal shelters.

If we're not into donating the leftovers, we can eat them too.  A novel idea.  Have you ever tried a turkey sandwich with horseradish cheddar cheese?  It's SOOO good!  Sometimes the leftovers are better than the actual meal.

Some people in the hallways were talking this week about throwing a leftover pie into the blender and mixing it up with a little almond milk.  Really?!  It sounds gross and delicious at the same time and it's something out-of-the-ordinary to try. IF there is any pie left over, that is.  It might give you just the fuel you need to string up those Christmas lights.

The point is, wasted food is tragic and if you don't want the leftovers there's probably someone nearby who would love some turkey and a pumpkin pie milkshake.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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