I saw this adorable stainless steel container at a local coffee shop and not only was it cute, what it said was inspiring. I thought about what it said and thought that would be great to look at on the daily.

Do you think that spending money on things like this just because you want to be inspired is worth it? I did for this one, recently I have been trying to find more joy and happiness and this spoke to me. Not only the cute floral design which screams summer but the phrase " Think Happy Be Happy". Inspirational and personalized items are in and I think the reason is that it helps people remembers those things and not get caught in too much negativity.

Things like this are popular so there must be something to it. I think looking at this in the morning will be good for me and allow me to think about being happy cause I am reading it and making a point to do so as well. The trick for me is keeping it clean and keeping track of it.


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