Wow, summer really moved at Olympic track star speed this year. School is just around the corner. And know what my kid did this summer along with thousands of other kids? Outgrew all of his clothes. The growth spurts are real! So now it's time to shop for all the clothes before everything is slim pickings. It actually might be already. The first week of August is somehow over. But my kid is now hitting 5th grade. Big kid on campus and I have no clue where to shop for him.

He's not a flashy kid. He's not into fashion and is fine with pretty much anything I choose for him, but now that he's not in the demo for Target's Cat & Jack brand, I need to look elsewhere (I don't like the clothes for teens and men at Target). Parents of tweens, where are you getting clothes for them and should I expect to just spend a lot more money on clothes from now on?

As for school supplies, is Walmart still the move? Truthfully I haven't done the back to school shopping in two years but am taking the reigns again this year. One tip I have for other parents though is to not underestimate Dollar Tree. For the most part Walmart prices are comparable or beat Dollar Tree on the basics, but they've got some unique binders and folders at a way better price as well as some of the fancier ink pens. I swear by them. I love Target for most everything, but getting school supplies there is a last resort. Any place I should know about? Secret deals I'm missing? Let me know!

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