I get it, accidents happen and sometimes good people make mistakes.  I know I certainly have. Call me crazy, but I believe if you hit someone's car you need to own the mistake. That isn't what happened to me. 

I'm far from naive about this kind of thing and, in fact, I'm often the skeptic who doesn't allow for people to pleasantly surprise me. So it's strange that I'm so bothered by this, but I really am. I don't understand doing damage to someone else's car and then leaving without taking any responsibility.

My car was parked at the airport for two hours (between when I dropped it off and when my dad arrived and picked it up).  With that time, someone clearly backed into it.  Hard.  They punctured the bumper and popped the side out.  They also chose to leave without leaving a note of any kind.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media Boise

As I was telling friends, I was disappointed in humanity and I was reminded that maybe "they just didn't realize it happened."  I doubt that since it was struck hard enough to puncture through the plastic (and looks like a tow-hitch receiver).  I'm guessing the other driver had to feel it.

I also think sometimes people don't want the hassle or cost of owning their mistake, and while I understand the feeling, I can't really reconcile doing it.  I guess in my world, inconvenient or embarrassing as it might be, when you damage something of someone else's you have to own up to it.

I already have it in the shop since my Dad is in town and it allowed me to get things done a little more easily. I also used it as a conversation with my son about accountability and responsibility, and how important those things are, even when you wish you didn't have to deal with them.



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