Now, this is just crazy! Like what scary movies are made of!

A Caldwell man is behind bars on a $100,000 bond after police say he walked into a sleeping woman's room and attacked her with an ax last week. The guy lived in the house too and was paying rent.

The victim told police she and her husband were asleep in bed when a man walked into her bedroom without knocking at about 9:20 p.m. She said at first she could not see him because of how dark it was in the room, but saw that he was holding an ax with a metal blade and a long handle.

The woman said he yelled at her and swung the ax a few times, hitting her on the arm and hand with the handle.

He admitted owning an ax like the one the victim described, but said he didn’t carry it into the room and did not know the last time he had used it.

Police found it hidden in a fake tree in the living room with blood on the ax handle.


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