Free dinner on Christmas Eve, no questions asked, thanks to the Caldwell Airport Café. Here's how to get signed up!

The Caldwell Airpot Café offers a Christmas Eve Dinner for free each year, though with Covid-19 and all, this year is a bit different. The address is Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall, 1101 Cleveland Blvd. The dinner will be available from 1:00-6:00 pm on Christmas Eve. In their Facebook post they say, "This year we will be doing things alittle differently due to COVID-19. We will have curb side pick up in front of the Hall. Please pull up and let us know how many you will be feeding. We then as quickly as possible will get your dinner to you 💝" . They also add that they offer "

DELIVERY!!! Those that don't have transportation, PLEASE RSVP!!! This is very important so we can organize deliveries and get your dinner to you, warm and delicious!
RSVP @ 2084594428 Caldwell Airport Cafe and ask for Becky 😊
Limited Seating for those who need a warm place to enjoy their dinner ❤
Please remember this dinner is free for all with no questions asked!!!"
Just another place in town where our community is taking care of each other. Everyone deserves a good meal on Christmas Eve and it's nice to see places like this taking care of our own. Check out their Facebook page for more information

Here at Mix 106, we're collecting toys, bikes, cash and gift cards for Treasure Valley kids and teens. If you think you may need help with toys this Christmas season, here's what you need to know.

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