She climbed that figurative mountain and WON! Boise State's Allie Ostrander now has earned herself another title. 

While the rest of us are eating our hot dogs, watching fireworks, and more than likely sipping on some adult beverages to pass the time celebrating 'Merica's B-Day, this young lady was killing it on the pavement. Allie Ostrander is no stranger to the national spotlight, and now she can add Mount Marathon winner to her credits. The race based in the mountains of Seward Alaska is a literal race to the top of the mountain and back down again. As fast as you can go...a balls to the wall push it get it done race that is NOT for the week. And our lil Ostrander killed it. Taking the top spot in the race with a time of 48 minutes and 19 seconds. HOLY COW! The mountain is a formidable opponent with an elevation of HOLY CRAP THAT IS TALL 3,022 ft. Want a peek at the distance she ran? Watch the video below about the event and some of the preparation that goes into training.

Yeah, I'd love to think I could run a mile in good time but that's not happening, so seeing Allie Ostrander be the winner this year and score the second fastest time EVER in race history is beyond amazing. Think you could take on the Mt. Marathon next year? Check out some facts and how you can take on the BSU National Champion by visiting Anyone else feel guilty about that extra piece of America Birthday Pie from this weekend now? Dang it. - JD

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