The Treasure Valley continues to grow every month so it's no surprise that the Boise Airport is doing the same.  After setting passenger traffic records and ongoing expansion, new flights have been announced. 

The airport recently reported that 4.1 million people traveled through BOI in 2019, and the expectation is that number will increase this year.

Airlines are taking notice, and it's especially good news if you plan to travel to California or have been trying to get a direct flight to the South. reports that Alaska Airlines will be adding additional service to Los Angeles with two new flights, and will also add one to San Diego.

Southwest is adding an additional flight daily to San Diego, San Jose, and Sacramento.  Phoenix will have an additional flight on both Saturday and Sunday.

Early this summer, Delta will add a daily flight to their main hub in Atlanta.  This will take what could be a two or sometimes three-stop flight plan down to a one for those traveling to ATL, or two for many destinations in the South and along the East Coast.

The airport is continuing with their construction and expansion projects that will add additional parking, move rental cars into their own consolidated garage space, and build out new gates for the increased usage of the airport.  That new concourse is the final phase of the current work and officials say it's expected to be completed by late 2023.

One other note, officials say there will be a sixth TSA screening line opened in conjunction with these ongoing improvements.  They say that could process 20% more passengers than they currently are able to.

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