So you fall in love, follow each other on social media, like all of each other's posts, and then break up.


But now you can limit the posts your ex sees about you, on at least one social media site.

Facebook says it's going to make it easy to take a break from your ex.  Because really, who wants to see the new happy pictures after that person moves on?  It's one thing if you're still friends, but if there is some bad blood and drama and pain involved, then it's way better to make up stories in our minds about what that person's life is like post-us.  We don't need to know the happy details.

So coming soon, when you change your relationship status, Facebook will give you the option of automatically untagging or limiting the visibility of posts where you're pictured with your ex.  How slick will that be to remove all the tags with one click?  If only it worked on some of our other friends.

With the new features you'll also be able to limit the updates your ex can see about you, as you move on and find that dreamy new person. Because really, doesn't it feel kinda weird posting a romantic dinner pic with your new squeeze, knowing your ex will see it?  We're free and clear, but there's still something that seems kinda cringey about it.

Facebook is testing the features now on a mobile app, now with a test group of ex's. After getting their feedback on how well it works, they'll roll it out to the masses. In the meantime we'll all believe those romantic pics you're tagged in with your sig other will lead to a lifetime of bliss.

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