It's not just a funny name, it's actually a solid concept for dealing with solid waste in the City of Trees, but Boise's EnergyBags program has hit another hurdle and will now be changing direction.

Literal direction, like where the bags are headed and how they will be utilized.

If this concept is new to you, the City of Boise has partnered with Renewology from Salt Lake City for the EnergyBag program.  This program collects plastics that are not part of the traditional recycling program.  It then promises to convert them to energy instead of just filling space in landfills.

Last week, the City of Boise Public Works department shared the news that Renewology has been unable to process the EnergyBags as promised, so while they upgrade equipment to allow them to operate as expected, the city has been seeking other options since they do not plan to interrupt the service.

According to our news partner, KTVB Newschannel 7, the concept that the city has landed on is to redirect the EnergyBags to cement manufacturers who can use the plastic collected to fuel their processes.

This solution is being investigated further by the Reynolds Company to ensure environmental impact is understood ahead of a full embrace of the concept.

It is still the goal and plan of the City of Boise to have Renewology resume the collection and begin usage of the bags when their equipment upgrades will allow for it.



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