New Boise Recycling Program
Over the last year, the City of Boise has implemented and received praise for the new composting program, and now, they're going to be rolling out a new plastics program.
Students Build Recycle Bins For Boise Park
Students at Sage International School are making strides to help improve our community, starting with Julia Davis Park.
They designed and developed new recycling bins that are unique because they can be attached to an existing park trash can holder and don't require any additional parts or concr…
OK To “Use” Someone’s Garbage?
It was garbage day at my place today (and all over Meridian it seemed as I was behind trash trucks on the drive in to work).  As I was rounding the corner of my block, I came upon something I haven't seen before.
Your Garbage Man Knows Your Secrets
You don't want anyone to see ________ so you tuck it deep into the garbage can. It's something we all do. Regardless of what you hide in the depths of your trash, the person who picks it up on a weekly basis likely knows your secrets. One garbage man and woman reveal what they've foun…