We love him here on the New Mix Morning Show. Corbin Maxey has been in the studio so many times in the last few years with new and crazy animals that sometimes make us laugh and scream.Corbin is not a stranger to Prime Time TV. He's been featured on The Tonight Show, The Today Show , now add Late Night With Seth Meyers. Early this week Corbin joined Mike and Nicole and talked a little about his upcoming appearance. While he was on the show a challenge was asked of him. He told us that he would be bringing with him three tiger cubs and that they didn't have names yet. Mike and Nicole both said...that's easy...Mike, Nicole, and JD. Watch to see if he "Name Dropped" on Late Night.

Thank you Corbin for the love. Watch the full LIVE stream of his time on the New Mix Morning early this week. We love ya buddy.



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