The coffee lover in me is screaming out in joy about this. The Pacific Northwest is well known for great coffee shops, and with the national attention on the Treasure Valley local java joints are starting to get the respect they deserve.

Coffee has always been a huge part of my life. Being in radio for over 13 years it is my morning routine, roll out of bed get ready and the first thing I do when I walk into the station is brew me a cup of "Joe". Boise is a growing "foodie" town much like Portland and Seattle, but where we don't always get the most credit for is our specialty coffee shops through out the city.

There are so many great shops to sit and enjoy your favorite java, listen to live local music and even enjoy a sweet treat. Here are 6 spots that I would tell the even the most die hard coffee drinker they must try.

1. Java Coffee and Cafe- 

Downtown: 223 N 6th St (map it); Hyde Park: 1612 N 13th (map it)

2. Guru Donuts-

204 N Capitol Blvd (map it)

3. Slow By Slow Coffee-

403 S. 8th Street (map it)

4. Flying M Coffeehouse-

500 W Idaho St (map it)

5. Big City Coffee-

1416 W Grove St (map it)

6. Dutch Bro's Boise-

These are just a few of my favorites. If you know of other locations around the city, please share. I'm just like you ,sometimes when you find your spot you don't want to share your secret but letting us all in will only get the word out there even more. -JD

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