Allie Ostrander had to take some time off recently to recover from an injury, but she's back and better than ever.  She won a national title over the weekend to prove it.

Three thousand meters is about 1.86 miles, and if you're fast like Allie Ostrander, it takes less than ten minutes to knock that out.

Ostrander won a national title in the women’s 3000 Steeplechase Saturday with a time of 9 minutes, 41.31 seconds at the NCAA Outdoor National Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

The Idaho Statesman says with that accomplishment, Ostrander became the third Boise State female athlete and 10th athlete overall to win an individual NCAA title. And she set a record doing it.  That steeplechase time was the best by any collegiate runner this year.  She's the first freshman to win the NCAA steeplechase title in eleven years.

After a big win like that, most of us might take the rest of the day off, but not Allie. She ran the 5000 meter race about four hours later, and finished fourth in that one.  She said she might have done better if she hadn't run the 3000 earlier in the day, but fourth place in the nation in any event is still pretty awesome.  The Statesman quotes her coach, who said Allie's best trait is her "toughness." Runners know it's not just a physical sport, but it's a mental grind too, and Allie Ostrander is our hero when it comes to getting over those humps.

Congrats, Allie, on an amazing weekend!  And with all of the running events we have coming up in Boise (like FitOne in September), you will be a huge inspiration to all of us!

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