#BroncoBOLD is an incredible new mental health program they're doing at BSU for student athletes in such a tumultuous time, which has shed light on the unique experience 2020 is for athletes.

#BroncoBOLD is a new initiative Boise State has launched to support their student athletes, which is pretty amazing! #BroncoBOLD was built on three pillars, according to Boise State's press release:

1. Reduce Stigma
#BroncoBOLD will be the voice of change. We will create a culture of help-seeking and inclusion through personal stories and messages of strength. Collectively, we will normalize conversations around mental health and reduce stigma.

2. Raise Awareness
#BroncoBOLD will shed light on mental health by focusing on education and proactive prevention. We will grow awareness and knowledge of mental health issues through such forums as social media, workshops and sponsored events and athletic competitions.

3. Cultivate Resiliency
#BroncoBOLD will utilize a strengths-based approach, emphasizing the boldness we all possess. We will share healthy coping skills, engage support systems, and use our internal and external resources.

I've heard some people, in regards to the Mountain West Conference season being cancelled, say things like "it's just a game", but there are some other factors to consider. For most of these athletes, to make it to collegiate level football, they've spent their entire lives working to arrive at this point.

And for Seniors, they left last season with the hopes and dreams of playing for one last year. Some knowing it would be there last, and some thinking this final season could catapult them into the NFL. So, this can be quite a loss for a lot of athletes, something to grieve even. I'm glad that Boise State has done the work to put together this awesome program!

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