Boise State set a goal of gathering $25 million for a scholarship fund, and so many alumni and friends came through with donations that the fund more than doubled.

The Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Opportunities campaign raked in a whopping $52 million, which will fund student scholarships, or as the University puts it, will make it so that "students can continue to seek today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions."

I have a question.  How successful must Boise State grads be to come up with $52 million in donations?  That's awesome!  It seems like it would bode well for current students, and give them hope that the degree they're earning will bring a good paying job and loads of success after graduation because they went to Boise State.

The donations and pledges will be going to several different departments on campus.  The College of Arts and Sciences got $5.6 million; the College of Business and Economics received $6.8 million; Athletics gifts totaled $16.7 million; and the College of Education took in $3.4 million, to name a few.

Boise State says 18,000 donors came through to provide a scholarship increase of 34 percent compared to what's available this year. It's good to be a Bronco.

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