I thought for sure Boise would be one of the worst places to rent with the rising rent prices but no, the opposite!

WalletHub just did the study that shows the best places to rent in the country. Are you a renter? This applies to you. Boise ranked overall in 8th place, and that was astonishing to me with the rental prices the Treasure Valley is seeing. Now on the affordability part we did not do well we placed at 60, but for quality of life we ranked super high which in the end put us in the 8th place.

Topping the list is Scottsdale, Arizona. Four places in Arizona ranked in the top 10 which also surprised me with the heat they get. Two places in Connecticut came in last, which tells you that area is most likely very expensive. Oddly the lowest rent to price ratio has 3 California cities including San Fran but I am assuming that is because the price is outrageous?

Source: WalletHub

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