Oh heck no! Can you imagine living on land that at any moment could just go! Well for a neighborhood in the Treasure Valley it isn't a matter of if its when. 

The minute someone tells me the ground I live on could go at any moment the next thought is not, should we stay it's why am I still here. Geologists in Boise have told the residents in the Warm's Spring Mesa area that the gorgeous land that they call home is not longer stable and the their best move is to start thinking of different living arrangements. Just this past weekend the Ada County Highway District closed a few of the roads leading in and around this area due to threats of landslides. It doesn't help either that over the weekend rain was heavy across the valley, so the District has told 8 homes in the area that they should understand that when they enter their homes it is at their own risk.

This was the News Channel 7 report about the homes and neighborhood from over the weekend.

Would this be any easy decision for you? -JD

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