I was really looking forward to watching Eve 6 at Boise Music Festival this year. When I saw the lineup, I had their name circled. My bathroom breaks were going to be planned all around being perfectly situated for Eve 6.

Photo by Cort Freeman on YouTube
Photo by Cort Freeman on YouTube

When we were told we were going to get to interview some of the artists backstage, I humbly requested Eve 6. I've been a big fan of their music since I first heard it in Out Cold, one of my favorite movies growing up. Anytime, Inside Out, and Here's To The Night were the songs of my youth. Now...I had the chance to interview them. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. Or at least...it should have been.

You never know what might happen when you do a live interview in front of cameras. Maybe your nerves get the best of you. Maybe there's a technical difficult. Maybe...but hopefully not...both of those could happen. And happen they did. To me. I had the clever idea to play a game with Eve 6 that we could then playback on-air this week. Great way to tie everything together. We'd play a game I'd call Eve 60 Seconds. It's a simple game, they just have to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. All opinion questions, no right or wrong answers, super easy. At least...it should have been.

Check out our interview backstage at Boise Music Festival with Eve 6 below. Poor Ryan had to sit there and endure what I put her through. Bless her heart.

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