It's that time of year again, people are going to be out and about, using the hiking trails a lot more.

Over the weekend, KTVB got a phone call from a man who says he was hiking with his dog in the Bogus Basin Road area when he came across a mountain lion.

He said the mountain lion followed him for most of his hike. Whaaaaat?!?!

It’s not uncommon to come across animals when you’re on the trails, but you never know what animal you might encounter on any given day, and that can be scary.

Here are a few tips that officials shared with KTVB, to store away for a day when hopefully you won’t need it!

Always be aware of your surroundings, take the time to look around and just be thinking at all times. The last thing you should do is run away.

If you do see a mountain lion keep your eye on it. Turn around, square up, and get big. Yell at it and if you can, throw something at it.

If your dog is with you on your walk or hike, make sure they are on a leash, you don’t want them trying to chase after the mountain lion. That won't end well for anyone!

Keep those eyes open and your kids and animals close!

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