Mountain Lion

Boise Man Hiking with Dog Comes Across Mountain Lion
It's that time of year again, people are going to be out and about, using the hiking trails a lot more.
Over the weekend, KTVB got a phone call from a man who says he was hiking with his dog in the Bogus Basin Road area when he came across a mountain lion...
Mountain Lion Spotted in Boise Neighborhood
A mountain lion was spotted in a Boise neighborhood yesterday near South Intercon Way and Grand Forest Drive.
Police ask residents to be aware of their surroundings, and not try to feed, pet or catch ANY wild animals. I hope it goes without saying, but keep a close eye on small children and pets, esp…
A Mountain Lion Tries To Take Child From Campsite
A family camping in Eastern Idaho scared off a mountain lion that tried to snatch their 4-year-old daughter away from their campfire.
The cougar dropped the girl after family members yelled at the animal. She had a few scratches but thankfully, no other injuries...