Wallethub released their list of America's best cities to start a new career in 2021, and while Boise isn't quite top 10, we're pretty high up there, and here's why.

So with these types of studies, there's always a variety of factors. Here they measured both the amount of professional opportunities as well as quality of life; Boise ranked 17th and 18th on those lists, respectively, which brought us to 12th place on this list. Some places have incredible professional opportunities but poor quality of life, and visa versa. The city Wallethub credits with the best quality of life is Austin, Texas and the city they credit with the most professional opportunities is Orlando Florida. However, because neither of those cities do quite as well in the other categories, they're not number one over all.

According to Wallethub's 2021 Best & Worst places to start a career, Salt Lake City takes the number one spot as they rank number two in both professional opportunities and quality of life. Now, the absolute WORST city to start a career in 2021 (out of 182 cities) is Newark, NJ, which ranks 180th for professional opportunities and 180th for quality of life, giving it the ranking 0f 182 out of 182. Congrats, Newark!

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New York City is pretty low on the list too in case you were thinking of throwing all your chips in and taking a crack at life in the big city. Some other notable cities that are great for your career and quality of life are Seatttle, WA, Duraham, NC and Tampa, FL.

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