WalletHub.com puts together lists of the stop cities in the country for many different categories.  In a new list, they rate the best state capitals and Boise in the top five.

In fact, we're the runner up, number two in the nation, with only city getting a higher ranking (that city being Austin Texas).

WalletHub took a look at all 50 state capitals and rated them based on 42 indicators including affordability, economic strength, quality of education, health, and overall living standards.  They looked into ranges of "cost of living," the quality of the school system, and even attractions and activities for residents.

The top five state capital cities in their survey are:

1.  Austin, TX

2.  Boise, ID

3.  Bismark, ND

4.  Lincoln, NE

5.  Madison, WI

At the other end of the list, the bottom five are:

46.  Carson City, NV

47.  Montgomery, AL

48.  Trenton, NJ

49.  Hartford, CT

50.  Jackson, MS

To dig in deeper to the criteria and how they arrived at their results, check out the full article at WalletHub.com.



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