In fact, two of the top 5 "happiest cities" in America are in the San Francisco Bay area. Boise just missed the Top 20, and here's why...

Wallethub did a new study of the happiest cities in America and it's based on 31 different factors. Some of which include covid rates, depression rates, employment rates and income growth, weather, job and life satisfaction and more. Based on this, Fremont, CA earned the top spot as America's happiest city, nestled right there in the South East side of the San Francisco Bay. San Jose also cracked the top 5. For both of these cities, the emotional and physical well being scores are what put them so high on the charts.

As for Boise, Idaho, we ended up at 21 (out of 182 so it's really not too shabby). Our biggest appeal here is the availability of income and employment, where we were ranked 13th. The factor where we ranked the lowest (46th) is our community and environment.

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The lowest rank city in America went to Detroit, Michigan. 182 out of 182 and they are near or at the bottom in all categories; emotional and physical well being, income and employment and also community and environment so if you're ever so tempted to move to Detroit, make sure you're making a lot of money, living in the nicest area and taking frequent vacations to tropical destinations.

Interestingly, though several of the happiest cities in the United States happen to be in California, we're still having quite an infllux of residents moving here from California. Must be all the space and (relatively affordable) housing.


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