We all love our city of Boise. There's unlimited activities to partake in, we have low crime, great restaurants and it's clean among other things, but I always feel proud when we make a list like this: Best Places to Live in the US.

I think you'll agree with me, that Boise is no longer a well kept secret. It seems like Idaho and cities located in Idaho make a new "best of" list almost every week, but this list, even though it's not a top ten ranking, is still pretty impressive considering how many cities there are in the United States.

Idaho according to real estate US news is #12 on the list. We rank higher than cities like San Diego, Houston and San Antonio.

I know that a lot of people don't want other people to know how great our home city is, but coming from someone who once lived in one of the worst US cities (Stockton, Ca.) I really do enjoy knowing just how great Idaho and Boise are....and I am convinced that other states and Cities are a little envious.

Check out the ranking for all the rest of the best places to live in the US.

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