BOISE, Idaho. Boise's Airbnbs are the foster parents no one else wants to be.

Amid Idaho's foster care crisis, Airbnbs have opened their doors to over 100 children since November of 2021; an initiative launched by Mike Dixon, program manager of IDHW Division of Family & Community Services.

In a 2022 interview with Fostering Christmas, a Canyon County-based charity, Dixon spoke of the complex challenges facing Idaho's foster care children.


The dynamics, safety issues, trauma, and mental health concerns have really progressed. The issues we’re dealing with are more complicated overall. -Mike Dixon, IDHW



IDAHO FOSTER KIDS need us to care

In 2023, Idaho's foster care kids still need what they don't have: capable caregivers. But few seem to care.

In response to the foster parent deficit, Idaho social workers have risen above the call of duty. Some are even doing eight-hour guardian shifts around the clock to protect the safety and emotional well-being of the state's Airbnb'd foster kids.

CBS2 News reports data released by IDHW "shows between two and ten children are staying in Airbnbs and hotel rooms" in Boise as of Jan. 26th. If nothing else, Idaho's foster care children squatting in Airbnbs is a cry for help.

HOW TO HELP: option 1

Become an Idaho foster parent! Access the application, eligibility requirements, training information, and more on IDHW's website.

Officials are in dire need of families who can take on children and teens with behavioral and physical challenges. To learn about state-provided education, support, and compensation for foster parents, click here.

HOW TO HELP: option 2

Volunteer! Getting involved with the Boise Angels Foster Care Community is an excellent way to make a difference when and as you're able to. A 501 (c) (3), the organization offers a myriad of ways to support displaced children outside of foster parenting.


We are social entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for the way things are. We are committed to creating an environment that allows everyone to realize and fulfill their talents and potential. By doing so, we will transform the world we live in.



The children ensnared by Idaho's foster care crisis have my heart, but what they really need is my time and attention.

In the application I submitted to join the Boise Angels a few hours ago, my declared interests and availabilities included curating care packages, assisting with arts and crafts programs, mentorship opportunities, emotional support via phone calls and during court, and joining in on community-based events.

It's not as significant as fostering, or fostering-to-adopt—I know—but it's the best I can do.

THE MORE you know

Earlier this month, 193 of Idaho's foster children were sent to out-of-state homes, while 46 were placed in out-of-state institutions.

Read more about the Idaho foster care children transferred to out-of-state homes and facilities here.

12 Good-to-Know Idaho Adoption Facts

Learning about my friend's heartbreaking experience in foster care prompted me to explore Idaho's adoption policies and laws.

The gallery below contains a short series of facts I thought anyone could benefit from knowing. 

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