Boise News Outlet Zeroes In On Foster Care Crisis

Boise, Idaho. An investigation launched by local news outlet CBS2 found more than 200 foster children in Idaho were sent to homes or public institutions out of state.

CBS2 reported 193 children were sent to out-of-state homes while 46 were placed in out-of-state institutions.

Idaho Foster Children Transferred to Out-of-State Homes & Facilities

According to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, between the 2019 and 2022 federal fiscal years, the number of children transferred to homes or out-of-state institutions were as follows:

  • FFY 2019 // 47 children
  • FFY 2020 // 36 children
  • FFY 2021 // 51 children
  • FFY 2022 // 46 children

Between the 2019 and 2022 federal fiscal years, the number of children transferred to private facilities within the state of Idaho were as follows:

  • FFY 2019 // 149 children
  • FFY 2020 // 239 children
  • FFY 2021 // 286 children
  • FFY 2022 // 313 children

A Jan. 2022 report released by the IDHW for Idaho legislators found between two and 10 foster care children were staying at Airbnbs and hotels in lieu of the foster parent shortage/availability.

Idaho news KMVT11 reports that from 2019 on, the Gem State's "lack of foster homes has been deemed a crisis, and IDHW has struggled with placement since 2021."

Idahoans Who Can Foster or Foster-to-Adopt

Idaho's current foster care situation is grim, but not beyond hope. Foster parents are as unique as the children they intend to care for, and the IDHW is actively seeking foster parent applicants.
According to IDHW's Child and Family Services foster parents can be or must be:
  • Single, married or divorced
  • Able to financially support their own family
  • Own or rent a safe residence, with space for a child
  • Can work with social workers and/or therapists and other support people
  • Have no parenting experience, or have children
  • Are flexible, energetic, and able to care for a child
  • Work in or outside their home, or are retired
  • Are open to learning new things
  • Can talk with social workers about themselves and their families

For more information on Idaho's adoption laws and programs, keep scrolling.

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