According to KTVB, a Boise homeowner was shot while chasing down a man who had just burglarized his home.

Around 7 a.m. a man was woken up when he and his wife heard a noise in their living room. They thought it was their roommate, but when they got up to check, they saw it was a stranger stealing their belongings! A purse, wallets, and phones. Whatever he could grab!

The homeowner chased the man for about a block when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot at him, but the gun misfired.

He was able to tackle him to the ground and they struggled a bit before he was shot at again, but this time a bullet went into his shoulder.

Police released surveillance photos of the man from a night vision camera. For the full story and to see those photos, click HERE.

Please share and contact police if you recognize the man in the photos.