Well this doesn't happen too often, except for maybe in an episode of Law in Order: SVU. Do you remember hearing about that woman who was shot while exercising in Kleiner Park? She was once the victim in this story but now the Meridian Police believe that she herself is the suspect!

It was a very odd story to begin with. It was originally reported on October 3rd that the woman had no idea she had just been shot while she was running. She told officers that she did not see or hear where the gunshots came from. After experiencing a sharp pain in her abdomen she just walked herself home.

Evidence is alluding to different and more complete story now though. Officers say they found a handgun at the woman's home while investigating. She then reportedly admitted to a accidentally firing off the gun herself while at Kleiner Park which would be a case of "negligent discharge."

I personally had so many questions when this story was first reported! First off, how do you not realize you've been shot? She said she felt a pain in her stomach and I did think perhaps it was just one of those sharp cramps you get while running sometimes but a gun shot wound?? I think it'd be a little more extreme than that.

She was taken into surgery afterwards and is now in good condition. At this time this woman does not face any pending charges against her. The Meridian Police Department did say that the case would be handed off to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

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