I absolutely love this! There are so many heartbreaking stories out there lately, let's talk about a heartwarming story instead!

Close to 500 Boise High School students walked across the stage last night to accept their diploma. For one courageous graduate, it’s a walk he’s been waiting his whole life to take.

Lawrence Ridenour spent the final two years of high school not in a classroom, and didn’t get to walk with his class of 1945, because he was fighting for his country in World War II.  Now, 70 years later, he’s fulfilling one of his life goals of finishing high school, even though his first reaction was that he hadn’t earned it.

He had some lifelong wisdom to offer his fellow new graduates though, “to never give up on their goals in life and all of their dreams”.

He led the graduating class and he said he was as nervous as he was when he got married. His wife of 68 years, Gloria, his three children, and some grandchildren were there to watch him make that meaningful walk across the stage.

See the full story from KTVB, HERE.

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