Cross this off the bucket list. I never thought I'd see those words FREE and Dentist in the same sentence.  A local dentist though is making it now a reality. 

We can all remember that feeling that hits us deep in our gut. Going to the Dentist. My insides are cramping right now just thinking about it. Getting my wisdom teeth out was one of the scariest trips I ever had. Luckily it went with out any problems, thank GOD. I wasn't in pain after, the drugs did the trick. Think about it though, many of us are lucky enough to have these procedures covered by insurance from our employers, but for some, the out of pocket cost is too much to handle. Dang $2,100 bucks, as a college kid could you afford that? Nope, not me. My time in Moscow I wasn't bringing in an extra amount of cash like that. So for college students who are having issues with their teeth, wisdom teeth especially there is a place that you can go to that will cover the cost of a surgery that normally would put them behind by thousands of dollars for FREE.

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Dr. Scott Bobst said in an interview with Channel 6  that he has seen kids come in who are complaining about soreness and pain in their mouths and had to turn them away because they couldn't afford the surgery to remove them. He got to the point where he couldn't take it anymore, so he made a choice. Dr. Bobst was going to do something about it. At his own practice of Boise Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Center, they started Wisdom For Wisdom Program. If chosen students will get the surgery for nothing. Do your school work and they will take care of the rest. Freaking brilliant.

Learn more about the WFW program at and find out more if you are interested in applying for the assistance from the Treasure Valley Tooth Fairy!


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