There are tons of videos we see each day on the internet or especially social media, but this one is the best video I have seen all week. It all started from a dad right here in Boise who really wanted to enjoy the first legal adult beverage with his daughter who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy and based out of Hawaii.

Bonnie Estes is her name and her dad (Chad) was able to buy all of Bonnie's siblings their first pint and wanted this to be the same. Although, due to Bonnie's military training exercises she wasn't able to head home to Boise so she could celebrate with family.

Like the amazing father that he is, Chad began his journey and traveled 2,832 miles to surprise his daughter with a frosty cold refreshment. Or as you will see in the video below, frosty cold beverages! The long hug that happens as Chad surprises Bonnie will probably hit you right in the feels so don't be surprised if something flies into your eye. ;)

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