Happy Veteran's Day which is coming up next week. I absolutely adore the men, women, and families that give their lives for our country. I served in the United States Navy and learned from friends how hard it is for those families.

I have a few things coming to celebrate for our military but recently came across something that made me proud of living in Idaho even more. This great state is also among the top places for Veterans to come live according to SmartAsset.

I remember the process before leaving the Navy and how much they prepared me for civilian life. If you haven't served, don't know anyone that has, it might be hard to comprehend. In the Navy, you live on a ship where your meals are provided, places to sleep are yours and your friends are right there. It's a life. Leaving that life especially if you've been in for several years is quite difficult. Finding a good place to live for Veterans is a must and that's where Idaho comes in.

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Luckily, we've seen the homeless rate drop half since 2010. New businesses hire veterans and post about those openings targeting military personnel. I feel like we're more aware today than ever before.


This finding looked at the veteran unemployment rate, below poverty lines, housing costs, and the number of VA health centers. I need to go into the VA a few years ago and was met with the best service. I loved how much time they spent with me and wouldn't let me leave until I completely understand everything. I also took advantage of the VA home loan when we bought our first house right here in Boise. The VA Home Loan was a lifesaver for me. The military was a life changer for me and my future. It's great to be a part of a company to takes care of the men and women who took an oath to protect us.

I'll post up the full story below at Idaho came in at #11. If you know someone in the military make sure they know all the benefits they can get once they're discharged. I will also list the links to the benefits and location of our own VA.

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