Stationed on the USS Sacramento in Bremerton, Washington, I was temporarily assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. That's where I ran a radio station, helped tv broadcasts, wrote articles, and found love for the career. That's eventually was brought me to the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday is Veteran's Day and that's why this article means something to me. Living in a different city far from home can be lonely. We travel from all parts of the country to represent this great country and we come from different lifestyles. Plus, we just happen to be in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Trout Unlimited wants to take away some of that stress and introduce you to a family that cares about conservation. We live in Idaho where the map of outdoor activities never ends. Right now we everyone is on end and you just can't do the things you could do to COVID-19. It's getting worse as cases spike and more families stay inside.

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TU is offering military members including their families and first responders to join their family for a year. Enjoy a free year membership at no costs, period. Learn to fly-fish with free lessons and then come back and teach someone. Members receive discounts on traveling, all the essentials to go fishing, and interacting with a group of people that care like yourself.

I remember living in Bremerton going into the grocery store and leaving with a smile. The people working checkout always said, "thank you for your service." That stuck with me. If I'm on the air with an RN or someone in the first responder lane I always thank them. Trout Unlimited is inviting new members that are proven to be the most selfless people in our country that care about the community. I would love to fly-fish surrounded by nature and no social media. Things like that center you and especially right now.

There is a culture, like the respect that the military has for each other. First responders understand each other like nobody else. I would love to hang out with those heroes myself. Please share this awesome opportunity with our military and first responder communities.


If you're not a first responder or in the military and still interested you're more than welcome. We live in Idaho and I would be surprised if this didn't' interest several Idahoans. All the details below.

In closing, thank you so much. First responders see the things nobody else signs up for and takes that experience home. That doesn't mean it's a positive one. Military families keep their culture together while mom or dad is deployed. How do you thank someone that puts on a uniform and protects you? Well, we do it one step at a time. Here's another step and hope it comes with great experiences.

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