You might remember hearing about adjusted garbage rates coming to the City of Boise.  Part of that new plan included composting, and that program will be starting soon.

This summer, most Boise residents will receive a new curbside bin specifically for the composting program.  It will be the same size at the current trash and recycling bins, but will be specifically for the composting of biodegradable materials, like leaves, grass clippings, and foods ranging from vegetables and coffee grounds.

During this month, Boise residents can customized their trash collection services and find out their new rate structure.  They will also be able to change the size of the bins they need moving forward.

As originally announced, residents will also be able to opt out of composting (and pay a slightly higher rate for service) or apply for waiver if composting is already happening at their homes.

The motivation for the changes is linked to a recent study by Ada County that found over 45 percent of landfill material could be composted.  Officials are counting on the new program to reduce waste and keep the landfill from filling as quickly.

The compost will be available for participating customers use at no additional cost and also used in city parks and facilities.

You can find more on this story from KTVB Newschannel 7.

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