This is so cool! Buck's Bags has been a staple in the Treasure Valley for more than 40 years and now they've changed course to help out the nurses and doctors working on the front lines of this pandemic.

It's an unfortunate circumstance, but it's pretty amazing to see how people can come together and help each other out. In this case, Buck's Bags, who usually produces equipment for hunting, fishing and other sports and athletics, has changed courses and is now producing commercial grade masks.

According to KTVB, Buck's Bags General Manager Todd Godfrey said "We are transitioning our apparel manufacturing lines over to start making masks and gowns for our medical first responders".

One of the big stories as this pandemic has grown is the lack of these masks and gowns our healthcare workers are experiencing across the country, which keep them safe. And we need them healthy, for the rest of us to stay healthy.

So, thanks Buck's Bags for doing amazing work!

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