Pandemic babies are in high demand and for some odd reason, there is a shortage of donors right now so if you're a healthy young guy, maybe you can make some extra cash!

This is something I considered in my early twenties but always thought it would suck to not know a potential child of mine. Is that selfish? Perhaps. The other part is for most of my twenties, I kept seeing reports that ginger sperm was the least desirable. Typically, people want a donor who is tall, in shape, handsome, smart, educated, etc. In the last several years, however, I have seen rumblings of higher interest in ginger donors thanks to two famous British gingers; Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran.

Now, in 2021, nearly a year into this pandemic, there appears to be a supply and demand issue. A lot of people want babies, and there aren't as many donors, so fellas, save up, make some cash, and help some families! There are local Treasure Valley banks you can head to, for the big story, check out this article thanks to the New York Times.

There are a variety of reasons people turn to the help of donors; from couples with fertility issues, LGBTQ families, women who don't need no man, or a variety of other reasons. Regardless, there's a demand out there and money to be made. It looks like you're good to donate until you're at least in your early thirties fellas, so get at it, and good luck!

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