ICYMI: Idahoans Love Dogs

In case you missed the memo, Idahoans are dog people! In fact, back in May, Kevin Miller of KIDO reported "the Gem State usually receives rescue dogs from out-of-state due to the demand for canine companionship."

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, our four-legged, kibble-loving kiddos are constantly at our side around the Boise area.

Idahoans are tired of leaving their dogs at home. Especially Millennials!

For many Idahoans, our dogs are our family. But between 9-to-5 jobs, commitments, errands, etc., we hardly have enough time with them. This is why, after years of being forced to leave Fido behind, Idahoans are flocking to businesses and restaurants designated as dog-friendly.

Dog ownership in America has been on the rise for decades. And according to the WebstaurantStore Blog, the trend is growing among Millennials, aka, the Dog Boomer generation.

The millennial market is a major influence in the foodservice industry. Studies have also shown that dog ownership is growing among younger generations and that these dog owners want to bring their dogs out with them. -The WebstaurantStore Blog


The "Pawer" of the Millennial Purse

It's also worth noting that in 2018 a GALE study focused on the shifts in pet ownership demographics showed 44% of Millennials see their pets as starter children. Then, in 2020, a YPulse survey found 76% of Millennials were pet parents, replacing Boomers as the largest pet-owning generation in 2021. To top it off, Boise's Millennial Migration of 2023 could pay big dividends for the valley's dog-friendly establishments!

Millennial or not, you and your fur-baby will feel right at home when you visit the Treasure Valley businesses below!

10 Surprisingly Dog-Friendly Businesses Around Boise & 1 Place They're Never Allowed

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7 Reasons Your Dog Can Bite Someone in Idaho & 1 That Gets Them Euthanized

No canine may be classified as high-risk or dangerous when, at the time they bite someone, the precipitating cause constitutes the following justified provocations:

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Best Dog Parks in the Boise Area

If you and your furry companion have yet to check these spots out, they are worth a visit.

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