The start date for Bogus Basin's new mountain coaster has been pushed back again.

It looked like it was supposed to open this month, but now they say most likely November, hopefully by Thanksgiving week!

It’s about 90 percent done, but the last 10 percent is working on the loading and unloading area, which will take some time.

The coaster plans to run about 2,000 rides a day though and has some really awesome features, including lights at night, and the best part being that it's going to be a year-round activity!

Each cart also has a radio built in so you can talk with other carts on the track to make sure nobody hits each other. It's not like other coasters too, where you have no control of it, riders can slow themselves down if they get too close to another cart. It sounds awesome! I have a feeling it will be worth the wait!

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