This big improvement project looks pretty cool, but will it delay the Boise River Float again in 2021?

Welcomed changes are coming to the Boise River Float for 2021. Will this delay the opening of the river for 2021 like it was last year? Here's what Float The Boise River shared on Facebook:

Exciting news! The Barber Park Plaza and Pathways Improvement Project will begin on Monday, March 22nd. The Barber Park beach, floater launch area, and plaza will be closed to the public and fenced off during construction through mid-June. The drop-off circle will be open only for construction access and deliveries.
Park visitors are urged to please respect all construction closures during this time and to remain alert for construction vehicle traffic at all pedestrian crossings and near the park entry.
Ada County Parks & Waterways would like to thank all park visitors and neighbors for your patience and understanding during construction. It's going to be well worth the wait!
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Opening date has yet to be announced but this sounds like a project that will make getting into the river a bit more efficient and we'll all have to endure a little less waiting. In 2020, the season was cut short due to the pandemic, beginning late, on July 1st, but it did still happen after all. Will this slow things down for 2021? It says construction will end in mid-June. Regardless of whether or not it opens up on time, it does seem as though they are making changes that will make the overall experience better for Treasure Valley floaters.


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