McDonald’s has some BIG things going on today. They’re offering the Big Mac in two additional sizes for a limited time. Remember the song "Two all Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun."The Mac Jr. offers a single-patty burger, while those who want to over-indulge can order the Grand Mac, which has a larger patty and an extra slice of cheese. They are giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce today! The ONLY location in Idaho that will be giving them away is the Broadway location at 1375 Broadway Avenue in Boise, starting at 2 p.m. AND Mix106 will be there for it all.!

Only one in five millennials have tried a Big Mac! Can you believe that?! They don’t know what they’re missing. And for those wondering if the Big Mac sauce is just Thousand Island dressing, a McDonald's spokeswoman says that's not the case.

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