If you see a black cat crossing the street at night, it may not mean bad luck, they're probably just lookin' for love. I researched this after seeing three dart in front of me on Pine on one drive.

I almost never notice cats darting in front of me while I drive until last night, I was cruising down Pine in Meridian (Not on Black Cat, believe it or not LOL'z) and not one, not two but THREE cats darted in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes! Two of these cats were black cats, and at first, I thought, "Is this bad luck? Good luck? No luck?", so I did a little research and these cats aren't out lookin' for luck, they're lookin'... for LOVE!

'Tis the season, I suppose, when cats get out and seek someone to mate with, and don't judge, us humans are no better... For us, it's summer time, pool season. Clothes come off and all the sudden we're thirsting for each other like a bull in a water trough on a hot summer's day. And then we do it again in cuffing season when we don't want grandma asking us why were still single and ruining Christmas.

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For cats, it's early Spring to fall, according to Animal Planet, though it seems like it's at a sort of peak right now. Cats are escaping their luxurious suburban Treasure Valley homes and seeking the call of nature; you might hear a few loud meows, a "hard-to-get" hiss or see one running across the street. Just be careful not to run over said cats, as they probably have a family waiting for them at home after they finish their street rendezvous.

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher


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