I am always on the go and have been thinking what it means to relax and what the best way to do so in the Treasure Valley.

The meaning to relax is different for everyone. So for you how is the best way to relax here? Where do you go? For me I love relaxing on the water and  in the mountains it's the ultimate for me, but that isn't necessarily right here in town. The water is but I have to travel awhile to get to the mountains.

  • So how about a spa? There are so many great spas here, as well as wellness centers.
  • Roaring Springs
  • Drinks and Shopping downtown
  • Paddleboard on Quinns pond
  • Take a flight or helicopter right over the valley
  • Read a book in one of the many fantastic parks
  • Shooting archery at the archery range
  • Fly fishing the Boise River

Those are some ideas and ways I relax in town. It's important to take time for ourselves no matter what. Make a list of how you relax here and try to do some of those things weekly or monthly.



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