There's something about homemade Italian food that just feels right. When you enjoy a dish that is made from fresh ingredients, you can just tell. There's also something very comforting and dare we say "luxurious" about it. That's why when we saw a report recognizing a downtown Boise restaurant for having the best Italian food in all of Idaho, our bellies began to rumble.

How does one get "recognized for having the best Italian food"?

The report that we're referencing can be found at 24/7 Wall St. According to their site, they picked the best Italian restaurant in every state using information "from lists and rankings on numerous food and general interest sites, including Eater, Yelp, The Daily Meal, Fodors, and Gayot, as well as a wide range of regional and city-specific sites."

They left specifically left out pizzerias but did include restaurants that serve pizza. Do you agree with their pick or do you prefer another spot? Let us know here!

Scroll on to see which downtown Boise restaurant was recognized for having the best Italian food in all of Idaho...

The Best Italian Restaurant In Idaho Is In Downtown Boise

ÁLAVITA was just recognized for being the best Italian restaurant in all of Idaho. Do you agree?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

After a night of delicious food and drink, there is only one thing to do first thing the next morning: brunch.

We asked you, the people of the Treasure Valley, where we can enjoy the best brunch and you didn't disappoint with your responses. It's not Italian food by any means... but who doesn't love a good brunch to go with some bottomless mimosas?

Scroll on to see your picks for the best brunch spots in the Treasure Valley...

Best Brunch Restaurants in the Treasure Valley, as Voted by You

Brunch spots in the Treasure Valley

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull

We've covered brunch and of course, lunch/dinner with Italian food. But what if you're just feeling... "snackish"? You can never go wrong with a cheeseboard and these are the top places to go for your cheese fix...

Read on to see where you'll find the best cheese boards in the Treasure Valley...

The 9 Best Places To Enjoy Cheese Boards in Boise

A charcuterie board is a thing of royalty and we found the top ten places where you can get the best.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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