We've had a good time discussing some of the best food that Boise has to offer over the last couple weeks! Thanks for all of your recommendations! To keep the ball rolling, who do you think offers up the best Italian food in town?

Pasta is my carb weakness. I can pass up on bread anyway, but please pass the pasta.

Probably the best Italian in my opinion is Gino's in Meridian. It seems the most authentic to me. Their classic spaghetti and meatballs is to die for and I love their lasagna.

According to MSN.com the best of the best is Cucina di Paolo in Boise. I've never been there before, but it sounds so good! They say they offer up hearty portions and rave about their Italian sausage lasagna and amazing sandwiches. Would you agree?

Anywhere else Italian that you would suggest? I know I'll get shamed for this, but for a chain, Olive Garden is not bad. Let's focus more Mom & Pop local though.

Who does Italian right in town?

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