Chicken wings have become one of my favorite foods. I've tried to perfect them at home, but I love eating them out as well. Here's the 10 best places to find chicken wings in Boise according to reviews on Foursquare.

10. Legends Sports Pub and Grill : On, customers are raving about their chicken wings and happy hour.

9. Bardenay: I love Bardenay, but I've never tried their chicken wings. Reviews say their plum sauce chicken wings are the best of the best!

8. Twist Timber Foods & Brews: Apparently the Sweet Chili Wings are the thing to order and they are baked, not fried.

7. Barbacoa:  Barbacoa is my favorite restaurant in Boise, but I have never had their wings. Customers say the habanero tequila wings are to die for.

6. Busters: One customer said they have the best boneless buffalo wings in the state of Idaho!

5. Edge Brewing Company: They have ginger habanero wings that sound so good!

4. Old Chicago: The Jamaican Jerk chicken wings are said to be the best!

3. 10 Barrel Brewing: One review says the Spicy Sriracha Wings are da bomb!

2. Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill: I guess they have veggie wings that are really good, but I never think about veggies and wings unless they are on the side with ranch!

1. Buffalo Wild Wings: No surprise here. They are known for their wings. I've tried their "blazin' challenge" twice and failed both times. They are so hot! I do like the huge variety of wings though. There is always a heat level for everyone.

Where's your favorite spot to get wings in the Boise area? Anyone making wings for the Oscars tonight?!

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